Friday, 6 November 2015


Mount Tabor Training College
B.Ed Degree Examination-November 2015
Time: 1 Hr                                                                                                                                        Marks: 30
Answer all questions, each question carries one mark.
I.             1) The ability of a muscle to contract forcefully in the shortest possible time is________                                                    
                                a ) Agility              b)Strength          c)Power               e)Endurance
2)  ____________ is a water soluble vitamin.
                                a)Vitamin A        b)Vitamin C            c)Vitamin K                     e)Vitamin D
3) Proteins are made up of __________________
                a) Amino acids  b) Enzymes          c) Fatty acids             d)Hormones
4) Select a true sentence from the following options.
a) Regular exercise helps to increase resting heart rate                  b) Regular exercise helps to reduce resting heart rate            c) Regular exercise does not make any change in resting heart rate  
5)  ____________ helps in the proper absorption and utilization of calcium and phosphorus in the body.
 a) Vitamin C       b) Vitamin D       c) Vitamin B        d) Vitamin K
                6) Exaggerated lateral curve of spine is termed as
                                a) Scoliosis          b) Lordosis          c) Kyphosis         d) Round shoulders
                7) Deficiency of Vitamin A leads to _____________
                                a) Rickets             b) Night blindness           c) Delayed clotting of blood         d) Dementia
                8) Ectomorph is a term related to   _____________
                                a) Leanness        b) Obesity           c) Muscular                         d) None of the above
9) Which of the following is a rich source of carbohydrate?
                                a)Rice                    b)Butter               c)Fish                    e)Coconut oil
10) Study of the structure of human body is called ________________.
                                a)Psychology     b)Physiology      c)Anatomy          d)Pathology
11) Blood vessel which carries oxygenated blood from the heart is ___________.
                                A) Vein                 b) Tendon           c) Artery              e) Capillary
12) An injury resulting the breakage of bone is called ________________.
                                a) Sprain              b) Fracture          c) Contusion       d) Dislocation                                                     (12x1)
II. Answer all questions, each question carries one mark.
1) An excessive enlargement of body’s total quantity of fat is called _____________.
                2) Gaseous exchange in the lungs takes place between capillaries and air sacs known as  _________.
                3) Average daily requirement of carbohydrate is _____________%
                4) Deficiency of vitamin D leads to ________________.
                5) The volume of blood ejected per heart beat is called ___________________.
                6) Ability to change direction quickly is called as ________________.
                7) Thickening of muscle with physical training is termed as ___________.
                8) Sunlight is a major source of __________.                                                                                                     (8x1)
III. Write short notes on any five questions. Each question carries 2 marks
1)      What are the common postural deformities? Explain.
2)      Briefly explain the effect of exercise on circulatory system.
3)      What are the components of physical fitness?
4)      What are the determinants of Health?
5)      Define balanced diet & explain the nutrients in diet.
6)      Explain the general first aid principles.
7)      Suggest a first aid management for electric shock.
8)      How to prevent hypo kinetic diseases?
9)      Define Health and list the dimensions of Health.

10)  Write down the activities for developing physical fitness.                                                                      (2.5X6)

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