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B. Ed 3rd Semester
Developmental Perspectives in Education

Health Education
1. Where is the Head Quarters of World Health Organization?
      A)  London              B) Switzerland            C) New York                 D) Geneva

2. Identify number of extra calories a pregnant woman should consume per day during pregnancy?
A) 200 to 300                B) 1200                 C) 1200 to 1400                    D) 900 to 1000   
3. Which is the biological unit of heredity which transmit hereditary information?
          A) Chromosome    B) ADP     C) nuclei    D) Gene
4.  What is the body’s main source of energy?
A)    Carbohydrates   B) Proteins  C) Fats   D) Vitamins
5.Which among the following is used to measure height ?
       A) Skin fold Caliper               B) Stadiometer         C)  Menometer         D)Spiro meter    
6. Identify the break in a bone occur due to the application of excessive force        ?                                         .        A) Sprain                 B) Strain                  C) Fracture                     D) Dislocation     
7.    An increase in risk of heart disease is associated with increase in the following except?
 A)  Blood pressure    B) Serum Cholesterol       C) High density lipoprotein 
    D) Low density lipoprotein  
8. What is the normal temperature of a healthy human body?
      A) 96.4 F   B) 98.4 F   C)   95.4    D) 37 F

9) Cardio Pulmonary resuscitation ( CPR) is the First Aid given for
          A)  Muscle Cramp B) Spinal Injury C) Sprain D) Drowning
10). Which postural deformity associated lateral curvature (sideward deviation) of the spine?
A)  Kyphosis       B)   Scoliosis    C) Bow leg      D) Knock knee
11) How much protein required for a working women every day?
  A) 32 g   B) 37g   C) 22g     D) 28g

12) .High blood sugar level can be controlled in the stomach by which among the following?
        A) Thyroxin    B) Insulin   C) Gastrin     D) Secretin

13) In the childhood Individuals behavior is mostly influenced by
            A) School  B) Peer Group   C) Family  D) School

14.    Which among the following is a coagulation vitamin?
         A)  Vitamin E                B) Vitamin D               C) Vitamin A                   D) Vitamin K

15).Identify which among the following disease is caused due to bacteria?
   A) Small Pox  B) Whooping cough  C) Measles  D) Diphtheria
16). Health is primarily a responsibility of the?
     A) Society B) Health organizations C) Individual D) Educational Institutions
17). Identify the major illness caused due to non availability of sanitation facilities?
      A) Diarrhoea   B)  Malaria    C) Small Pox   D) Influenza)
18) Chief poison present in tobacco is ?
     A)  Heroin    B)   Morphin    C)  Caffeine     D) Nicotin
19). Which of the following is a micro nutrient?
   A) Carbohydrate B) Fat  C) Protein D) Minerals
20). Who is the father of modern genetics?
     A) Charles Darwin   B) Gregor Mendel  C) Antoine Lavoiser  D) Hippocrates

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